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Diamond Leisure’s fruit machine hire service can truly help you boost the profits of your establishment. What is it that keeps your punters at your place and not at one of your competitors? Service, friendliness, and the range of libations certainly play a role. However, you can’t ignore the entertainment factor, either.

Fruit machine rental can help your venue stand out, offering some much needed colour, lights, and noise. Here, we’re going to look at the factors that make fruit machine hire a truly profitable choice for your establishment.

Cost-effective entertainment

Compared to some of the other arcade machines and entertainment booths you’ll find, fruit machines are very cost-effective for both you, the venue owner, and your customers. The fact that they’re relatively cheap to rent means that you don’t have to worry about adding a significant cost to your budget. As such, it’s easy to make a return on investment.

The fact that they’re cheap for the customers is a bonus, too. Your punters could end up sinking more and more coins in because of how low-cost it is. As such, you can end up making more of a profit than you would with more expensive machine, anyway.


A little variety

Most of your punters are going to come for the drink, the chance to socialise, and to get out of the house. Perhaps they might be there for the occasional live music performance or to watch the game on your telly. Either way, you’re more likely to keep them around if you give them more reasons to stay.

A fruit machine rental does exactly that by offering a different kind of entertainment. If you can keep them amused, you keep them there for longer, and you keep them coming back. You’re not only profiting off the money that goes into the machine itself but the money you make from the fact that they’re sticking around more often.

The social factor

There are going to be some punters who love playing on fruit machines for the sake of it. However, for others, there is still a social factor in play. Groups can be driven by a need to compete or simply to watch their mates try, fail or succeed.

We’ve all seen the scene of a group of punters hanging around a machine, pints in hand, waiting for the spin to stop. Plus, when one of them finally wins, you can be sure to get that profit back when their mates convince them to get a round in.

Partner with your trusted local Fruit Machine Supplier

Unlock the entertainment potential of your venue, help it stand out from the rest, and rake in the added profits. Diamond Leisure provides a wide range of best and most beloved fruit machines, alongside a wide range of other game machines that you can rent today. Get in touch to find out more about our stock, our services, and how we can help make your establishment more popular than ever.

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Diamond Leisure are now supplying contactless pool tables to our venues as part of our pool table hire service!

We live in the contactless age. How many of your customers proffer their card or smartphones to you when paying for their drinks, snacks or meals? How many stopped bringing cash into your establishment long ago? Your clientele is changing and it is up to you to change with it. While you may have no problem accepting contactless or smartphone payments at the bar, what about your amenities like your pool table? Does your old faithful pool table see significantly less action in an era where so few patrons cary pound coins?

Maybe it’s time your pool tables joined the contactless revolution too. Yes, you read that right. We are now proud to offer a contactless option on all of our pool tables. Supreme Pool Tables just got… Supremer!


The very latest contactless technology

Contactless technology is just like any other technology. It’s constantly evolving and improving. We bring you the very latest and greatest contactless technology for secure, fast and reliable payments which you and your customers will really appreciate. 

And when it’s fast, easy and secure to pay… Your patrons will be far more likely to stick around for one more game.


Apple and Android pay friendly

Have you noticed that increasingly few of your customers even bother to bring their wallets out with them any more? In the contactless age, Apple and Android pay are king and smartphones are the new debit cards. And when businesses don’t accept this increasingly common ways of paying they risk losing business to their competitors.

Fortunately, your customers will be able to pay quickly, simply and securely using just their smartphones. 


Easy to use

The main selling point for contactless payment is the convenience which it offers the customer. Gone are the days when your customers had to fiddle around in their pockets or wallets for pound coins or use up all the bar’s change. 

Our contactless systems are quick and easy to use. Just a quick tap and let the games begin!


IPX 5 compliant for your peace of mind

Worries about the damage (and expense) that can occur when a drink is spilled on your contactless pool table? Worry no longer! All of our pool tables are IPX 5 compliant meaning that you can splash pints on them all day long and it will still accept payments without problems… We won’t come and clean up, though.


Made in the UK

We think it’s more important than ever to support local businesses and craftsmen. That’s why all of our contactless pool tables are made with pride right here in the UK. We make it easier for you to support UK businesses. 


Your business deserves to reign supreme

If your old table is beginning to show signs of wear and tear or even if its coin operation makes it less appealing in an increasingly contactless world, Supreme Pool Tables are here to help. We bring you a wide range of the highest quality pool tables to suit the character and aesthetic of your establishment. Get in touch with us today. We’ll help you rake it in as your customers rack ‘em up.